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Make your
bike race day ready with our avio fibre fairings


designed to fit your bike

With attention to every detail our fairings are made and thoroughly tested so they fit your bike perfectly.


made to be light, flexible and durable

Fairings are made from Avio fiber for which we use vinil resin which copared to GFK is lighter, more flexible and stronger.


quality painted with advance techniques

During the years of painting we develop perfect skills for quality painting, specially for the most complex designs.

strong and durable

light and flexible

easy to install and uninstall

variety of design choices

pre-drilled and pre-fitted

kevlar reinforced drill holes

r a c i n g

Complete Avio fiber fairings contains

Upper fairing


Lower fairing


Left and right panel


Front fender




Tank cover


made to fit your bike's make and model

just like you’ve alwasy wanted it:

want to have custom design for your fairings?

We are well aware that you want an unique looking bike, therefore we are happy to provide you with custom solutions for you and your bike. Sometimes a customised fairing’s shape is needed which pose no problem to us. We are happy to help you so you will feel comfortable when racing. O perhaps you want a custom design. Our customers often decide for a custom painted fairings. Airbrush painting is done by Jurij Možina, a well known artist from this field of work.

We are also happy to offer you:

custom starting number so you will be unique
custom stickers for your bike, made according to your wishes
custom made personal logo made just for you

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Enough talk…

Let’s build your bike together

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airbrushed helmets

want a custom painted helmet?

Be unique and have your helmet painted. You can choose from various designs, but we will be more than happy to make it unique with your own design ideas.

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