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10 years of experiences

we are making impossible possible

Everything began 10 years ago, when Sašo, a founder of the company, racing enthusiast first made a fairings for his bike which got noticed by an imporant German seller. This is how the Nicoletti story begun.

During the last 10 years we developed an excellent relationship with our customers. Our products are often customised and adapted to fit our client’s needs and wishes.

Despite a great deal of experiences already aquired we never stopped evolving. We are constantly testing new materials, working on ligher and more flexible fairings and we are improving new painting techniques.

this is why you should choose our products

your wishes and needs are our priority

We spend a great deal of our time on racetracks, observing racers and taking note of what you need and want when racing. Our mission is to help you achieve better results. Also, we are more than happy to customize our products to fit your needs.

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