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Fairings – details

About the paint job

Most client decides to order painted fairings. During the years of painting we develop perfect skills for quality painting also for the most complex designs. One of the most advance technique we use for painting is Airbrush technique, mostly use for painting racing helmets (feel free to look our big offer of airbrush helmet). Our highly experienced workers will paint your fairing with extreme precision in every design you want. The whole look we complete with sticker and clear coat (anti scratch clear coat) to prevent scratches and protect paint and stickers.


Avio Fibre fairing is a better version of standard GFK fairing and it is commonly used material in the world of motorcycle racing. There are many advantages of this material. Because we use this quality synthetic fibre with tighter density (avio cloth) with no imperfections in a combination with vinilester resin, the fairings are a lot stronger, lighter, very flexible, and the most important, it does not break or crack easily. Complete fairing from producing to the finish product is made in our company In EU.

All edges and places for fitment (where the parts are fitted on bike) is reinforced with extra carbon fibre stripes for optimal combination of strength and flexibility.

All fairings are pre-drilled for faster and easy fitment. We can also pre fit with Dzus if you request it.

Complet Avio fiber contains:

  • Upper fairing
  • Lower fairing – with heat protection inside
  • Left and right panel
  • Tank cover
  • Seat
  • Front fender

Possible Additional parts: