and Painting has recently become one of the most recognizable manufacturers of polyester products.

Our beginnings go back to 2000, when we took our first tentative steps and entered the world of polyester design. At first we put ourselves to the test by manufacturing various car accessories and then gradually began to manufacture motorcycle racing body kits. By pursuing our research and development activities unofficially, we have gained seven years experience. Finally, the moment arrived to take a decisive step forward and the company Nicoletti Design and Painting was founded.

As already mentioned, the company manufactures polyester and carbon fibre products. We can also paint any bike to create Moto GP and SBK replicas. Besides these services, we offer airbrush and custom painting on request.

Our business has opened up the world of motoring to us. Our reputation for quality extends beyond national boundaries and our major customers come from Austria, Germany,Switzerland and Italy.

We currently deliver between 30 and 40 complete motorcycle body kits per month.

The ever increasing volume of orders is gradually increasing our monthly production capacity.

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