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Complet Avio fiber contains:

  • Upper fairing
  • Lower fairing – with heat protection inside
  • Left and right panel
  • Tank cover
  • Seat
  • Front fender

Please choose your bike model. Design on the picture is presented on fairing for Honda CBR 1000 2017. Please be aware that on older bike models, the design will be adjusted due to a different shape.



Note on the order:

Once you have processed your order, you can expect your fairing kit to be ready in around 14-28 working days, depending on the complexity of the kit.

Details about the materials:

Avio Fibre fairing is a better version of standard GFK fairing and it is commonly used material in the world of motorcycle racing. Read more about it:


Additional information

Model year

CBR 1000RR 2004-2005, CBR 1000RR 2006-2007, CBR 1000RR 2008-2011, CBR 1000RR 2012-2016, CBR 1000RR 2017-2019, CBR 1000RR 2020-, CBR 600RR 2005-2006-, CBR 600RR 2007-2008-, CBR 600RR 2009-2012-, CBR 600RR 2013-2016

Additional parts

Need seperate parts from the fairing complete?

Sometimes unfortunate circumstanes happen, such as crahing your bike and braking some pieces of the fairings complete. In this case you mught need just a few separate parts from a fairing complete. No problem! Contact us and we will be happy to supply you with the parts you need.